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It’s a natural human emotion to feel anger,  commonly triggered when we experience hurt, fear,  injustice, and frustration. We can easily tell when we are angry by the powerful physical response in the body, such as a rush of adrenaline, increased blood pressure, heart rate and fast breathing that often takes over us. When we experience anger our brains cause the body to release stress hormones, adrenaline, and noradrenaline. This physical response can lead to aggressive behavior that, in, appropriate times, will assist us to defend ourselves if we are being attacked. The feeling of anger is not a problem, in and of itself, it is our body’s natural way of defending itself. However, it is how we react to the anger, in non-life-threatening situations that can lead to real problems.

Signs & Symptoms of Out of Control Anger

If we have trouble managing anger and reactivity it can become destructive in many areas of our lives, at work, in our close relationships, and it can affect our overall sense of well-being. Some important signs that it’s time to consider anger management counseling are:

  1. Feeling like you constantly have to “hold in” or repress your angry feelings.
  2. Frequent arguing with your family, friends, co-workers or acquaintances.
  3. Reckless disregard for rules or trouble with the law.
  4. Outburst such as hitting, door slamming, loud shouting, etc.
  5. Verbally threatening people.

If you have been struggling with managing your reactivity, and feelings of anger this can and probably already has led to many negative behaviors that will wreak havoc on your life. This is destructive to your important relationships, career, and your mental and physical health. Anger management counseling can help you in learning helpful and more healthy responses to anger that empower you to regain control of your life and relationships.  I can teach you how to recognize the early signs of anger, and show you how to better respond when anger triggers, enabling you to deal with negative situations in a more positive way. Through self-awareness and changes from reactivity to better responding to the difficulties in life, you can conquer this (anger). 

Stay mindful, anger management counseling is not about having you repress natural feelings of anger, but to show you how to express anger in a healthy, constructive way. Managing anger well is a learned behavior, requiring practice and persistence. Many circumstances and people that evoke anger within us, we can’t change, however, you can learn how to better manage your reactions to them. Anger management sessions can be done individually, with couples or family.  

If you or someone you know struggles with anger issues,  I am here to help share how anger management counseling can go a long way in helping improve the quality of life.

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