Trauma Therapy and Counseling in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Trauma therapy & counseling might be worthwhile for you to explore if one of these five questions below resonates.

  • Have you developed anxiety/or behavioral changes with the present pandemic issues resulting in sleep problems and fear?
  • Are unresolved traumas from childhood continuing to impact your self-esteem, relationships and ability to engage in the world in healthy ways?
  • Have you been involved in a frightening, perhaps a life-threatening situation which has created feelings of fear, hyper-vigilance, anxiety or nightmares?
  • Do you feel irritable, or have trouble falling and/or staying asleep, or are you struggling to trust and connect closely with others?
  • Have you turned to drugs, alcohol or other potentially harmful ways to cope with fear, pain and other difficult emotions?

Traumas come in many forms and affect different people in different ways. Living with the after-effects of a trauma can be lonely, upsetting, and distressing. Some people experience ongoing traumas through abuse or neglect in childhood or in an unhealthy, destructive relationship. Others are traumatized or develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) following an experience that caused them to feel that their life or the life of someone close to them was in imminent danger. Regardless of the cause or severity of trauma, it’s not uncommon for those suffering from its after-effects to experience a shift in eating and sleeping patterns, develop anxiety or depression, avoid places or activities that remind them of the trauma, or to be on edge and easily triggered into painful memories. If any of this sounds familiar, we can help.

Be mindful that traumas occur every day, affect many individuals, are often senseless, and it’s hard to try to come to terms with a senseless experience. While some people are able to process trauma on their own, many – if not most – feel overwhelmed, out of control and highly fearful following a trauma, especially immediately after the event(s). If you’ve been affected by a trauma, whether recently or in your childhood, and are struggling to feel good and function as your natural self, trauma counseling can help you process the event(s) and regain a sense of calm and control in your life.

There are many highly efficient, proven trauma therapy approaches, and once you’re able to process the event or series of events that led to the trauma, you can begin feeling better and functioning with normalcy again. Most commonly, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) are effectively used in treating trauma.

Throughout trauma counseling, you’ll work on building resiliency, increasing self-confidence and developing healthy ways to cope with heightened stress and painful emotions. Using a strategy of proven trauma approaches that address your unique needs, you can release the trauma from your body, de-regulate your nervous system and reach your personal healing goals. Reach out to us if you would like to learn more on how trauma counseling may be helpful.

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