Information for our patients on Covid-19 / Corona Virus

For the most recent information on the COVID pandemic: please call the NM Crisis and Access line: 855-600-3453

You may be seen on a face-to-face visit ONLY if there is a provider willing to see you under those circumstances. We understand fully how much more comfortable an in-person visit is; but we will keep the health interests of both clients and staff uppermost in our actions at all times. If a face-to-face visit is unavailable, we will be happy to arrange a telehealth visit.

What YOU do:

We will always do our utmost to protect our clients and staff during the COVID pandemic. To that end we have instituted the following measures for every visit:

1. You will be asked for your temperature to be taken prior to entry into the facility. If you have a temperature, you will not be seen but will be referred to the ER nearest us (see Entry Rules).

2. If you have been around obviously ill people in your recent history or have been ill yourself recently, you will NOT be seen.

3. You must wear a mask at all times. If mask wearing interferes with your exam or procedure, you will not be seen until your consent is signed.

4. You (and anyone who accompanies you on the visit) will be expected to watch AND DUPLICATE the proper “touchless” handwashing technic demonstrated by your provider.

5. You may not touch any surface other than your possessions before entering the exam room. Once in the room, you will be seen and given further instructions from your provider.

What WE do:

1. Your exam room is swept with a UV and ozone generator at the end of every day. Because this method results in an ozone gas, we cannot safely perform this after every patient.

2. That sterilized air is continuously circulated through a filter in the HVAC system isolated to your room.

3. All surfaces are disinfected with a germicidal agent between patients.

4. Your provider will wear a mask at all times and will touchlessly wash his/her hands before touching you.

Please advise us of any concerns you may have about the possibility of your safety. There are no guarantees, although we will do our best based on the information as it becomes available, but you should be aware that there is not enough trustworthy information available. The specific pathogenicity of the Corona virus SARS subtype and the immune status of ANY individual is not currently determined by the prevalent testing methods, since there is a very high rate (80% at last review) of false negative results (source – CDC testing methodology).

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