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Online Therapy FAQ’s

It can be challenging to open up to a counselor in person about sensitive issues and online therapy provide greater anonymity making things easier. Social anxiety is commonplace and if someone is not comfortable talking to a counselor in person, online communication can be effective. Many people who could benefit from online counseling and therapy simply don’t know enough about the process to feel comfortable with initiating sessions. Therefore below are a some frequently asked questions that may shed insight on on how virtual therapy works.

What is the difference between online and traditional counseling?

The key difference is that as opposed to meeting with your therapist in-person at a set location, you get to work from wherever you would like to via the internet (video/webcam) or phone. We are flexible and can accommodate nearly any schedule. This type of service accommodates you where you are and conforms to your personal needs for safety, comfort, and convenience.

Will I receive the same level of care?

Absolutely. The therapist that you will be working with online is the same one you would be paired with if you came into our physical location.

Is therapy online effective?

Yes, plenty of research has concluded there is no difference in the effectiveness of online versus traditional counseling methods. Also, clients are more inclined to open up and share their stories when they feel at ease and when you are talking from your comfort zone, therapy has one less barrier to break down before healing can take place. Below are some studies supporting this:

Online therapy found to be just as effective as in-person therapy. 

Online therapy exceeded expected treatment outcomes. 

Online vs face to face CBT therapy leads to equivalent outcomes. 

Online therapy found to be effective. 

Why virtual therapy rather than traditional counseling?

We’re mindful life can get in the way of self-care and the convenience of online therapy means there is one less obstacle for our clients to overcome.

Do you offer couples therapy or marriage counseling online? 

Couples can also engage in online counseling for relationship issues, or parenting concerns. While with couples counseling, it’s important initially to meet on a regular basis to heal negative patterns of communication and build new skills, it can often get stalled due to the challenge of matching up schedules for in person visits. When this happens, it is difficult to make the changes needed to get unstuck from negative cycles. Ideally, you and your partner can be together online, but it’s also ok if you are both at different locations.

Tell me about privacy….

Here are some strategies to keep your session private:

  • Use a headset. Rather than using your phone or computer’s speakers, connect a headset via bluetooth to your phone or computer (or just plug it in). This will keep the sound in your ears only.
  • Use whitenoise to add soundproofing in your area. If you are the same space as others, ideally put the whitenoise outside of the room you will be in for your session. You can use a whitenoise app, you ask ask an amazon alexa or google home device to “play white noise” or you can play soft music in the room nearest to you. A baby whitenoise machine works great too! Just put it right outside your door to muffle the sound.
  • Go outside or in your car. If you are in small quarters, you may want to step outside on a patio, in a park, or even find a quiet space in your car.

How secure is video therapy? How is client data protected in online therapy?

We want to assure you that all of our video sessions are held to the highest possible level of confidentiality. Once you set up your appointment, you will be sent a link. This link will take you to your assigned therapist over a protected connection to our secure online therapy platform. We use a encrypted, secure, HIPPA compliant link that represents the highest standard of protection in the healthcare field. You are the only person who knows you are speaking with a therapist.

If you would like to have a more personal and comprehensive conversation about exploring receiving services online, just call us – thank you.

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